We have been competing with world renowned companies and have witnessed more than 2 major financial crises during our journey.

Whatever the reason and whatever the situation, our management has proved time and again that we are capable to succeed and always come in the front line.


We strive to build lasting relationships with our clients by conducting ourselves with integrity and confidentiality. The customer has always been at the center of ROYAL CASTLE and we place their interests before our own. We work closely with our clients to equip them with the sound capability to address large and fast-growing market opportunities.


ROYAL CASTLE is committed to delivering high quality results through our experienced team of professionals driven by ideas. Our people are our biggest assets and we work to excel and exceed the expectations of our clients every time. We are always in speed and faster…


In ROYAL CASTLE we have nurtured a “One-Team” approach. We offer a culture that is innovative, enabling and thoughtful. Our result oriented and merit-based approach encourages our employees to achieve greater heights and gives enough space to experiment.


ROYAL CASTLE stands for the highest standard of integrity and honesty. Above all, we value the ability to serve our clients by honoring our commitments with highest ethical and business practices. We strictly maintain confidentiality and transparency in our business and get high regards from all the major banks holding our reputation high.


The founder and Managing Director is N. RAJAN, a well respected name in Oman. He has a vast experience dealing with real estate for more than 35 years and needs no further introduction to those who have been involved in the property and financial sectors.

He started his journey with humble beginnings and earned his place as one of the prominent leaders in his field. He strongly believes in his core values - hard work, perseverance and excellence.


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